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For over 25 years, Tarek Nsouli  has been an insightful diamantaire in the global diamond industry.
In the Early 1980 Tarek traveled the Globe to the United States where he initiated his diamond business career  at the Gemological Institute of America in California -Tarek later was fortunate to be recruited by the world renown International Jeweler Robert Mouawad  With whom he worked intently on all aspects of the Jewelry and diamond business.

After steadfastly enjoying the experience with the Mouawad group in all parts of the world ,Tarek decided to settle with his family in New York, the birth place of his children.

In 2001 he established Diamond Trust Trading Corporation in the center of the world famous diamond district of New York City and implemented his 20 years of experience in this enterprise .which is now an  international diamond company proudly operated with the traditions and values upon which it was founded:
integrity, trust, dedication and pride in craftsmanship.

Diamond Trust Trading Corp.  stellar theory  is to provide its clients with exceptional diamonds and exclusive jewelry that will satisfy the unique desire of  their  customers  through an unparalleled service .

We have a highly developed sense of the industry and its latest fashion, moreover we perceive  the historic role of diamonds as investment stones whose value is built to last for centuries.

Our Expertise is collimated to none when it comes to delivering the most select makes and brilliancy .

We adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics;
Our reputation is exceptionally immaculate in our dealing with both our suppliers and customers alike  ;Knowledge and integrity prevail over every single deal..


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